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Meet Dan

I am passionate about living epic life. Sports, family, friends, work, self. How to really find the balance?

During my 25+ years of corporate executive career 'life took over' and I started neglecting my body (among other things). Too much sitting, standing, not enough physical activity, family + work juggling. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Yes, I've been there too.

In 2007, I lifted my son from the ground, my spinal disc slipped and I had to find the way how to get my body back to shape. Learning about fitness, body flexibility, core strength, pain management, sciatica, breathing, pilates, yoga, name it. That was the start of what later became ExFitt, the fitness program for people who are a bit lazy or just busy, don't like to exercise or don't know where to start. Learn more if you like.

Here you can read, listen or watch interesting content that I either created or found for you around the globe. Not only about fitness but about how to survive life. Even more, how to live in an epic way. Because that's what I feel life is about.


ExFitt is powerful, yet simple collection of exciting exercise workouts that efficiently build core muscle strength and overall body flexibility. In such way, we help people around the world who are just too busy with work, family or life in general, don’t like going to gym or don’t know where and how to start. Help to stay healthy, become more fit and get back their energy. Our life often does not seem to provide enough space for physical activity. We sit a lot, stand, work long hours, travel, take care of our family. Our core becomes weak and some important muscles shorter. We have created for you a collection of affordable and effective, proven workouts inspired by core training, yoga, pilates and physiotherapy. Feel free to try some samples!


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  • I never thought that only 15 minutes of daily exercise could make such a difference to my body and wellbeing!

    Andreas Managing Director of Smart4Power, Dubai
  • Dan’s great routines help me a lot dealing with jetlag and staying fit, healthy and happy during my regular travels around the globe. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get stunning results from a short daily exercise. Thank you very much, Dan!

    Malte Pilot of Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong
  • After a recent back injury limited my yoga practice, Dan's core strengthening exercises helped alleviate my back pain considerably.

    Audrey Yoga teacher, Goa