We are passionate about helping people around the world who are too busy with work, family or life in general, don’t like gyms or don’t know where and how to start. Helping to stay healthy, become more fit and increase the level of energy. The ExFitt is a powerful, yet simple collection of exciting exercise workouts that efficiently build core muscle strength and overall body flexibility. Strong core and flexible body are the key elements of fitness and healthy body posture. With ExFitt, you could exercise anytime, anywhere, using just your own body and no equipment. Try some free workouts already today!


We have invested over 10 years in developing the program with combination of proven exercises inspired by pilates, yoga, core training and physiotherapy. To enable people who usually don’t like to work out building their core strength and body flexibility. You will learn simple (and more difficult too, if you like) ExFitt exercise workouts that allow you to exercise anytime, anywhere, just using own body and no equipment. You will become in charge of your fitness progress, your own fitness coach. Who would not want to test the program for free?