How to build core strength and body flexibility in 4 weeks

Core strength and body flexibility represent two of the key elements of fitness (others being cardio capacity, balance and overall strength). People usually understand importance of these two areas of fitness for health and well-being, nevertheless building them takes time and effort.

How to live your dream (not easy but possible)

People ask me how I manage to live life of my dreams. Well, let me share:

How I created a fitness program and what is in it for you

How and why I developed the ExFitt – personal story and what is perhaps in it for you

Get fit in 2 hours per week?

Is it possible to get fit in 2 hours? Yes and not that difficult. Let me share my experience from more than 20+ years of doing various sports.

How we learn

What is behind learning, how do we learn? Intriguing, sometimes complex question. Let’s explore.

What-if you hate your job?

Happens to everyone – what to do in such situation?

Good days, bad days…how to manage?

Everyone has bad days from time to time. Let’s discuss a couple of successful strategies how to tackle them.

Should you start meditating because everyone else seems to be doing it today?

Meditation seems to became new fashion word in business circles. Is it just a temporary trend that will disappear like many others or is there something more? Let’s explore.

Do you wanna live forever? Longevity options

Who likes to live forever? Or, who doesn’t? Perhaps there will be some new immortality options in the future, however for now we are stuck with ‘how to make our life healthier for longer’.

5 Tips Helping To Prevent Back Pain

5 easy-to-follow tips that can help busy people overcome the back issues and limit or prevent back pain.

Tired Eyes? 5-Minutes Daily Eye Gymnastics

I feel huge difference when doing this 5-minute eye gymnastics after working on a laptop before going to bed compared to going straight to sleep after watching the screen. Try for yourself:

5 Exercises for Strong & Healthy Wrists

Wrists are joints in our body that we use all the time. Usually for constant typing of something… Let’s keep them strong, flexible and healthy.

Healthy Sitting Guide & Quick Office Stretching

In this video, you can see my beautiful wife (much better than me ;)) demonstrating key points for healthy sitting and some simple office stretching – what you could do to survive your day in the office. Enjoy watching:

7 Steps of Healthy Morning Routine

Are your days busy, sometimes even superbusy? How do you start your day? Morning routine is very important for our well-being because if we can start our day in the right way, we can tackle any challenges that come later.

5 Exercises for Flexible & Healthy Shoulders

Shoulders are joints in our body that we use all the time. Let’s keep them strong, flexible and healthy.

4 Exercises for Strong & Healthy Knees

Knees are one of the most important joints in our body and is important to keep them strong, stable and healthy.

How to Breathe Well (like if we didn’t know that!)

Sharing my experience from fitness, swimming and freediving so that you can check if you breathe properly and what to do to improve your breathing.

ExFitt Back2Basics – an Easy Core Strength and Body Flexibility Workout

Dan’s ExFitt Back2Basics – an easy, 15-minutes core strength and body flexibility fitness workout for people who haven’t been exercising for some time and like to start again.

Why is Strong Core Important for You?

Here I talk about core muscles, where are they and why they matter. How strong core muscles help us to stay fit and healthy as well as work for us in almost any situation every day.

ExFitt Hard-Core Series – 5 Minutes for Core Strength

Dan’s ExFitt Hard-core Series’ – a challenging and effective five minutes core strength fitness routine for busy people. Difficulty: hard!

Why is Body Flexibility Important for You

People always talk about fitness and health but what about body flexibility? Is it really important and why? What are the health benefits of flexibility? In this video, I am sharing several key facts about body flexibility:

ExFitt 10-Minute Morning Stretching

ExFitt 10-Minute Morning Stretching – a simple, easy to learn, no equipment stretching routine. You will start your day in a right way, gaining energy for whatever comes next.

7 Ideas for Happier and Longer Life

Last week in Nusa Penida, we met this incredible couple of almost 70 years old people from Belgium, riding on their bicycles around Asia. 30000km! Incredible. I was thinking…what does it take to stay so fit, healthy and brave until 70 years old? How can we all achieve that too?

Pyramid of Life: What is Learn-Enjoy-Live?

What is guiding you through life? There might be different concepts, ideas, religions, ideologies. I use a simple phrase ‘Learn-Enjoy-Live’, the one on top of my website. Some of you asked me: “what does it mean Dan?” Hence, this video explains my life philosophy, my ‘Pyramid of Life’:

What is More Important – Our Kids or Our Careers?

Tricky question… We are all trying to find a balance between our jobs and time with the family. How to get the gold? What is the most important in life? Different people have different answers and ideas. Here are my 2 cents:

7 Key Points How to Achieve (Almost) Anything

This one is about how to achieve (almost) anything. 7 key points which from my view are critical if you like to prosper in life. Obviously, fitness is one of them! Or better said: fitness significantly contributes to the level of your energy which is one of the key sources for high-achievers:

3 Key Points for Your Best Fitness plan

What is the best fitness plan for you? Some of you asked me how to create a fitness plan, what to do. Here is my take on how to develop the one that suits you and your objectives:

Losing Weight?

A couple of important ideas on what to pay attention to when you decide to lose weight. There are some common myths out there that should be uncovered.

What-if We Don’t Have Time to Exercise?

We all (ok, most of us… ;)) love to do sports, exercise, stay active. However, there are times in life when “other stuff” takes over and we simply don’t have time or will to follow our usual fitness routine. Here are my thoughts about such situation and what to do about it:

How to Make a Difference in Lives of People

How to make a difference? In life. In the lives of others. Dan speaks about one story from his corporate career that shows how easy it is to do something positive for others who need it.

10 Lessons From How to ‘Survive’ Corporate Life and How to Leave to Follow Your Passion

Here is my life story for you and 10 lessons that I think are important to ‘survive’ the corporate life with healthy body and mind. Few tips if you like to leave, follow your passion and build own business.

Why Do We Want to be Fit?

What does fitness mean to me (and maybe you too) – it’s all about freedom. Freedom to be active, healthy, spend time with our kids and family, do all these crazy sport activities we like so much.

How to Stay Fit & Healthy?

Most of the people like to be fit and healthy but in today’s busy life is not always easy to combine work, family, time for ourselves and fitness. Some of you asked me to share few tips >> here they are:

Life is Poker

From beautiful Bali island again – I decided to go for a run despite heavy rain and really enjoyed it. Usually, crazy ideas cross my mind while running…this time: life is like a poker tournament. Did you ever played poker? Have a look and let me know what you think!

Why ExFitt?

From beautiful Ayung river in Ubud, Bali about the idea behind ExFitt, little bit about Dan Frolec, my vision for the core strength and body flexibility fitness program and perhaps what is in it for you.

Pulau Padar in Komodo National Park

Pulau Padar ‘Expedition’ – visiting one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.