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I am passionate about living epic life. Like many of us, many of you who are here. Sports, family, friends, work, self, spirit… How to really find the balance? How to survive our life?

During my 25+ years of corporate executive career ‘life took over’ and I started neglecting my body (among other things). Too much sitting, standing, not enough physical activity, family + work juggling. SOUNDS FAMILIAR? Yes, I’ve been there too.

In 2007, I lifted my son from the ground, my spinal disc slipped and I had to find the way how to get my body back to shape. Learning about fitness, body flexibility, core strength, pain management, sciatica, breathing, pilates, yoga, physiotherapy…you name it. That was the start of what later became ExFitt, a fitness program for people with lower back pain issues caused by prolong sitting and poor body posture. Learn more if you like.

Here you can read, listen or watch interesting content that I either created or found for you around the globe. Not only about fitness but about how to survive life. Even more, how to live in an epic way. Because that’s what I feel life is about.

The ExFitt Story

For the past 25+ years, I have been working for blue-chip global companies Unilever, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and CSM in various senior leadership roles around the world. My jobs were always challenging and required long hours, extensive international travel, meetings, conference calls, time with keyboard and emails…you can imagine!

How to balance our busy business life with health and fitness? How to survive all the sitting with no back pain? How to learn exercise anytime, anywhere, just using own body? I realized that IT IS POSSIBLE to combine all these into a healthy mix. I also realized that I am passionate to help other people to learn what I have learnt over the past 10 years. More about all that here in the blog.

I realized that many busy people (who is not today!) like me have serious issues caused by prolong sitting. Mainly weak core and shortened upper and lower body muscles. This body state sooner or later leads to lower back pain. I wanted to stay healthy and fit, look good, have enough power and energy for the life I wanted to live. However, there was not enough time to go to gym or fitness classes. Or that’s what I thought.

In 2008, I started developing a fitness routine that would build strong core and increase body flexibility, manage my lower back and sciatica pain even despite my busy life. It was working! I kept exercising and refining my program. Like some of you, I don’t like gyms and too much equipment. The workout had to be simple, possible to shorten when I don’t have enough time, enabling to exercise anywhere: in hotel rooms, airport lounges, whenever I was, with no equipment – except my own body. I have used all my experience from yoga, pilates, various other sports and physiotherapy (as a patient…) to create a unique fitness concept.

I have never thought of anything like a global fitness program – it was for me and perhaps my close friends. But many people, many of you kept asking me: “Dan, what do you do to stay so fit and healthy (not adding but thinking: ‘despite being born almost 50 years ago’)?” That interest, clear need gave me an idea to focus full time on developing the ExFitt Fitness Program into something that other people could benefit from too.

Family and Passions

Our family after climbing to the top of Mt. Batur, Bali
Our family after climbing to the top of Mt. Batur, Bali

I am father of two smart kids, happily living with my wife in various (warm) places around the world. Our kids are privileged (they don’t know yet…) to be able to study in the best school of our galaxy – Green School Bali.

My huge passion for sports led me to become Pilates and swimming teacher as well as freediving and skiing instructor. Scuba diving and sailing are other activities that I like, so pretty much everything related to water. Allow me to say here that we should not only enjoy our oceans, we have to protect them too. I am passionate supporter of Sea Shepherd and think that they really make a difference.


I will be forever grateful to my teachers who inspired me to start working on my body, health and fitness:

Thank you!

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