Another epic trip around Indonesia

Some of my friends say “it’s annoying”! Others find it quite inspiring. I talk about my life here – which seems to be a good balance among adventure, family, friends and work. Let me leave up to you into which group of friends you belong…

Nevertheless, time has come to share a short video from another epic trip which me and a couple of my great friends did in April this year. We sailed more than 1000 nautical miles on board of an amazing liveaboard from Kupang in Timor to Manado in Sulawesi. Starting in Savu Sea, crossing Banda Sea and finishing in Molluca Sea. Scuba diving, freediving, great food, thoughtful discussions with friends, incredible sunrises and sunsets, beautiful, unspoiled nature, dolphins, whales, healthy coral reefs, schools of barracudas and more.

I can only recommend our boat, MV Pindito, which is one of its kind. Swiss owner Edi built her 30 years ago and has been continuously upgrading every little detail on the boat since. Moreover, he has been sailing around Indonesia for those 30 years and it is an absolute privilege to spend time with him onboard and listen to all his ocean stories. Thank you Edi for the experience and wonderful underwater shots. Thank you to all the ‘sailors’ for their images, videos and mainly their appearances!

Enjoy this little window into the immense beauty of Indonesia as well as what truly was another epic trip. More to come!

What are your plans for epic adventures this year? Let me know in the comments and of course feel free to forward this post to any friends that might be inspired.


  1. Henk

    That really looks stunning Dan. Great to see a glimpse of your adventure.

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