Keep your mind positive and body healthy

I hope you are doing reasonably well, how is your family and friends? We stay in Bali, seems quiet for now, let’s see. My mom in Prague, keeps low in the weekend house, hopefully safe.

Several people asked me to share a couple of resources – how to keep positive mind in the present situation. Of course it’s not easy but there are couple of points that everyone can do and that are valid more than any other time: healthy nutrition, sleep, morning routine, exercise, take a break from the news every day and so on.

Here is what I could think of that might be useful too these days:

1) Free ExFitt 15-20 minute core strength and body flexibility workout, that anyone could do at home: ExFitt Back-to-Basics.

2) 15-minute guided meditation by my dear friend & yoga teacher Lucy Roberts: Periphery to Soul. You can find more about Lucy and her yoga practice here: Lucy Roberts Yoga.

3) A recent article (2 parts so far, third work in progress) that I wrote about longevity. Interesting reading and lots of goodies apply even for the short term well-being: What determines longevity for humans.

4) A comprehensive material about Covid-19 from GlobalData (I know there is no shortage of reading about the virus…;)), however this document goes into interesting details and analysis: GlobalData Covid-19 Executive Briefing

I trust these resources help and hope that your country, families and businesses will go through the present situation well.

Please share if you come across anything interesting from your network and obviously feel free to share this post with your friends if you find it useful.


PS: I keep telling myself what I have always found useful: “Remain calm. This too shall pass.”

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