What-if you hate your job?

What if you hate your job? What to do in such situation? I was recently listening to someone talking about how he loves his job. Now, that’s great and hopefully happens often to you.

However, Gallup has polled millions of employees from nearly 200 countries around the world about their level of job satisfaction since 2000. In 2017, 85% of people admitted to hating their jobs, especially due to their boss. Well, that does not sound too encouraging, right?

Nevertheless, there are ways how to successfully deal with ‘hating my job’ situation. Let’s together explore some of these strategies (of adaptation).

Key points are:

  • 3 common options for hating your job: the boss, your colleagues, a job content
  • 1 rare option: you don’t like anything 😉
  • How to best tackle each of the three options
  • 80/20 rule applies here too
  • If it really sucks, don’t worry about the change

Anyone in a similar situation right now? How do you address it? Share, comment, ask me any questions. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at some more here, give me a like or share with your friends – whoever you feel might benefit.

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