How we learn

Learn-Enjoy-Live is my ‘mantra’, we could say. What is behind learning, how do we learn? Intriguing, sometimes complex question.

I have gone on a quest to find out for you the most interesting information about learning (and learned a lot!). There are many aspects of learning, so let’s cover some of them, perhaps not the most obvious ones.

In the new video, you will learn about learning styles, how to become an expert without investing 10000 hours, AGES and spacing the learning process, how signing helps learning and more.

Key points are:

  • Signing mantras helps learning
  • Key learning styles, how do YOU learn
  • About neuro-plasticity or brain plasticity
  • Role of meditation and exercise
  • AGES Learning Model
  • 10.000 hours rule and why it does not apply

Do you enjoy learning new information or skills? How do you learn, what is the most efficient method for you? Share, comment, ask me any questions. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at some more here, give me a like or share with your friends – whoever you feel might benefit.

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Study: Consistent aerobic exercise over a period of several months induces marked, clinically significant improvements in executive function and increased gray matter volume in multiple brain regions
AGES learning model: Attention, Generation, Emotion and Spacing
Josh Kaufman on 10.000 hours expert rule
Dan Frolec: Pyramid of Life – what is Learn-Enjoy-Live?

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