Pyramid of Life: what is Learn-Enjoy-Live?

What is guiding you through life? There might be different concepts, ideas, religions, ideologies. I use a simple phrase ‘Learn-Enjoy-Live’, the one on top of my website. Some of you asked me: “what does it mean Dan?” Hence, this video explains my life philosophy, my ‘Pyramid of Life’. It gets a bit more complex at the end, but have a look yourself – let me know what is yours? Of course, you can ask “Dan, what has such concept to do with fitness”? Everything is connected! If we learn how to keep fit on our own, exercise anytime, anywhere, just with our own body – we gain freedom to do other things, learn and enjoy, thus live.

Key topics are:

  • What is important in life, what really has any meaning?
  • Learning new stuff very often keeps our brain sharp and mind developing
  • Enjoying every little moment is what matters in life
  • Integrity and purpose are true foundations of my ‘Pyramid of Life’

Have a great day!


  1. Martin

    Hi Dan, very good ideas – 100% agree but I am afraid a lot of people still haven’t realized that. BTW, I liked the tip at the end about the meetings with “my life” 🙂

    1. DanFrolec

      Hi Martin, thanks for the encouragement – that’s why is important to spread the word. Way too many of us are often busy (including myself of course) with things that are too small to even bother…;)

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