What is More Important – Our Kids or Our Careers?

Tricky question… We are all trying to find a balance between our jobs and time with the family. How to get the gold? What is the most important in life? Different people have different answers and ideas. Everybody would agree that our children are definitely important! Yet, why so many people keep spending their life chasing careers (and other stuff) only realizing later that they missed something. In this video from a beautiful location in the north of Bali – let me share my view about how to steer our lives so that we strike the right balance between providing for our family and spending time with them.

Key topics are:

  • Life has different stages, we can (and should) manage our priorities.
  • We always have options to prioritize what we want. Priorities and our focus are changing depending on ‘no kids’, ‘small kids’, ‘teenage kids’ and ‘out-of-the-house-kids’.
  • Let’s make sure we don’t find ourselves 20 years later regretting that we missed time with our kids when they were growing up.

Other options how to find better balance:

  • Get a part time job
  • Work from home one day a week
  • Don’t take work home (unless you work from home…), finish everything in the office
  • Don’t work on weekends, dedicate them to your family
  • Find time to connect with your kids and partner: regular dinners (without iPads) together as well as individually might be one concept
  • Listen to your children: what are their favourite activities? Take time to join them.
  • Marry a rich person and stay at home 😉
  • Hit the jackpot and stay at home too 😉

Have a great day!

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