5 Tips Helping to Prevent Back Pain

Back-pain-free? Lucky you! For most of us back pain, especially in the lower back is at some point simply becoming a part of our life. How to prevent that? There are various causes of back pain but it often boils down to lifestyle and body posture. Dan explains in this video 5 easy-to-follow tips that can help busy people overcome the back issues and limit or prevent back pain.

Key topics are:

  • Usual causes of back pain
  • How to sit and stand properly
  • Which muscles are responsible for a proper body posture
  • How to relax to reduce stress

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  1. Jon

    Dan, if back pain persists and things like Chiro aren’t working to ease it, it’s important to have a scan and establish whether there is actual damage to the spine/discs and where it is. Without this info one can continue activities that aren’t helpful.

    1. DanFrolec

      Hi Jon, indeed you are absolutely spot on, if lower back problems persist and/or are getting worse – we need to check. Usually MRI combined with RTG would tell if there is a ‘mechanical’ problem, e.g. herniated disk that presses onto the nerves and causing pain. In such cases it’s always a good idea to get multiple opinions on what is the best therapy. Surgeons are sometimes quick in recommending surgery (it’s their job!), sometimes invasive therapy is indeed required. In other cases proper physiotherapist intervention can resolve the problem. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Audrey

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for posting this useful video. Very helpful hints, especially regarding the muscles that need to be strengthened depending on the curvature of the spine. This is going to help me be more aware in my yoga practice.


    1. DanFrolec

      Hi Audrey, thanks for your comment, I am happy that you can use some of the hints in your practise. In fact, there are more ‘bad’ body posture types. I did not have a space to cover all in one video, but let me know if that’s interesting – perhaps the topic deserves another, deeper look?

  3. Simona

    Hi Dan,
    great video and very up to date topic for us office people.
    Yoga is great and working for me and especially back rotations. I have got recently back scan and doctor said it is fine but I do suffer from back pain so strengthening the muscles and stretching is key and helped me to release it. It is important to do this practising regularly and not only when pain come. 🙂 And of course do it with fun and enjoy it.

    1. DanFrolec

      Ahoj Simono, nice to hear from you. As you say, important is to exercise regularly, not just when the back is in pain. Actually, when the back pain is already there, the best options usually is to stretch, relax and gentle massage rather than any strengthening exercises – those can even make the muscle spasm worse. Great that your scan looks good, keep going and enjoying your yoga practice.

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