How to Make a Difference in Lives of People

How to make a difference? In life. In the lives of others. One story from a couple of years ago came to my mind recently and I thought it’s really worth sharing. Topic has nothing to do with fitness 😉 but for sure belongs to #LearnEnjoyLive. The story goes back to the times of my corporate career and shows how easy it is to do something positive for others. Do something that indeed brings happiness and makes a difference in the lives of people. Could be people you know well or complete strangers. We were on a leadership course in US, asked to organize a social impact event. We raised money in four weeks, rented a part of Boston zoo, invited seriously and permanently ill children with their families as well as people from old peoples’ homes for a day out. What happened was truly miraculous. Listen for yourself:

Have a great day & think about what you could do!

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