Tired Eyes? 5-Minutes Daily Eye Gymnastics

Watching screens all day long? Who doesn’t! Our eyes however are not really accustomed to focus so often on a short distance only. Urban lifestyle does not really help here as in our cities we are often not able to see the landscape or horizon, simply look into a distance.

Eye problems are apparently increasing in our modern civilization despite much better health care. I am not sure if all the issues can be solved by eye exercises… Nevertheless, eye gymnastics definitely does no harm.

From my own experience, I feel huge difference when doing this eye gymnastics after working on a laptop before going to bed compared to going straight to sleep after watching the screen. Try for yourself and let me know how you feel after a couple of days, please. You can share with anyone you know who works with a computer often and might benefit from this simple eye exercise sequence.

Of course, be careful with your eyes, you don’t want to push hard in any direction. Every exercise should feel gentle and enjoyable.

Eye exercises are coming from traditional Ayurveda practises as well as Chinese medicine. One of the modern era proponents of eye exercises for improving eyesight was Dr. William H. Bates. Be aware that present time medical experts are not aligned (as usually) on whether or not it’s working but you may try for yourself to figure out. You should consider seeing an optometrist before starting to assess your eyes and for sure in case you have any serious eye condition.

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