10 lessons how to survive corporate life

Let me share with you today something different than fitness. Some people asked me to share my story: how I ‘survived’ 20 years in the corporate world and then left to follow my passion. I recorded this video for you in a beautiful island Alor in Indonesia. Have a look, here is the story for you and 10 lessons that I think are important to ‘survive’ the corporate life with healthy body and mind (note: I have never really had do survive, because I enjoyed what I was doing at least most of the time and when the job or company were not right – I just left and found something else to keep me busy and provide for the family). On top of that – few tips if you think about leaving, following your passion & building your own business.

Feel free to share this video with your friends and colleagues, whoever you think might enjoy watching. Our tribe of ‘fitness-enthusiastic-executives’ 😉 keeps steadily growing…

Have a great day & exercise anywhere, anytime, just with your own body!

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