How to Stay Fit & Healthy?

Most of the people like to be fit and healthy but in today’s busy life is not always easy to combine work, family, time for ourselves and fitness. Some of you asked me to share few tips how to stay fit and healthy, what keeps me in shape, what gives me energy to do whatever I want. Well, here is the video recorded for you in Lombok island where you can find out! The key is motivation and ‘no excuse’ attitude, I guess. Then you need a palette of activities or fitness routines which do not require too much equipment or time. Enjoy watching.

Feel free to share this video with your friends and colleagues, whoever you think might benefit. Our tribe of ‘fitness-enthusiastic-executives’ 😉 is steadily growing so let’s spread the word and thus increase fitness level of our busy population.

Have a great day & exercise anywhere, anytime, just with your own body!

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