Dangerous Sitting & How to Improve!

All of you probably heard already something about sitting and how bad is it for you. I even came across a term “sitting is new smoking”… Not sure about that! From my view, sitting is somewhat unavoidable in today’s world when we sit in offices, at homes (in front of TV), in restaurants, in cars, planes…you name it.

There could be good sitting habits and bad ones. It’s completely up to each and everyone of us to decide which side we chose. Proper sitting requires from my point of view the following five points:

  1. Awareness: understand how sitting influences your health and what is good & bad.
  2. Mindfulness: be aware how you sit and correct your position throughout the day.
  3. Move: don’t just keep sitting – change your position often, take breaks, walk around.
  4. Body flexibility: stretch often, ideally every morning and after prolong sitting. Make your body flexible and mobile, counteract muscle shortening effects of sitting.
  5. Core muscle strength: will provide you with power to keep the correct upright position.

Here is a great poster that I found for you on the Washington Post website. It summarizes really well all the health issues resulting from improper sitting. Have a look, download from the web, perhaps print and put somewhere in your office, share with colleagues.

Link to the original source article: The Washington Post.

Not by chance, my ExFitt core strength & body flexibility fitness program puts lots of emphasis on stretching and core muscle power. For all of us who sit a lot, these are great tools to stay fit and healthy.

Enjoy your sitting & have a great day!

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