How I created a fitness program and what is in it for you

A fitness program. Easy to create? Difficult? How could anyone do that?

People ask me ‘Dan why did you created the ExFitt Fitness Program, where did the idea come from?’. Well, let me share some insights then.

How the whole thing started. Why I developed the fitness program first for me to be able to exercise anytime, anywhere and combine fitness with my busy lifestyle of a business leader. How I successfully build and keep my core strength and body flexibility. Why and how I became convinced to sort of ‘take it public’ and share with the world so that other people could benefit (trust me, that involved several sleepless nights…;)).

Perhaps you could also find out why core strength and body flexibility is key for everyone and how these two areas of fitness are important for healthy body posture, lower back pain prevention as well as overall well-being. What are the possible ways how to strengthen your core and increase your body flexibility.

The ExFitt Fitness Program

is a 4-weeks course where we teach how to warm-up and stretch, how to include regular physical activity in our busy schedule, how to build core strength and body flexibility through the ExFitt SequenceTM. In its full length it takes around 40-45 minutes nevertheless has been built in such way that you can pick & choose, shorten the workout to 10, 20 or 30 minutes depending on your time availability in a particular day. As a flow of carefully selected exercises from yoga and Pilates, the ExFitt SequenceTM builds on proven physical education systems. We also included a couple of exercises learnt from the top physiotherapists, especially focusing on spine mobility.

You can try a sample program for free simply via registering your email on the ExFitt website.

Key points of the video are:

  • How busy executive life, lots of sitting and travel influence our body posture and might lead to lower back pain
  • Why I have developed the fitness program that enables me to exercise anytime, anywhere, just with own body
  • How the ExFitt SequenceTM could help improve core strength and body flexibility

How do you keep fit and active while living life in a fast lane? Share, comment, ask me any questions. If you enjoyed this video, have a look at some more here, give me a like or share with your friends – whoever you feel might benefit.


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