How to live your dream (not easy but possible)

How could we live our dreams? Is it at all possible? Questions that most of us ask ourselves at least from time to time. People ask me often “Dan, you live such a great life, you live your dream, tropical island, outdoor activities, own business…how did you do that?”

Yes, indeed just this year (not finished yet ;)) aside from living in Bali in the middle of rice paddies, I did an off-road motorbike expedition to Mongolia (Gobi desert, more here), went on family skiing to Dolomites, visited Austrian and Italian Alps on KTM1290, rode to Croatia on Harley, have been diving in Bali, Flores, Rote and Sumbawa, skiing in Japan with my daughter, riding off-road from Bali to Mt. Bromo in Java and from Bali across Lombok to Sumbawa and back and last but not least visited beautiful Toraja land in Sulawesi during one of the school breaks. This week we are sailing around Sumba with a bunch of friends, that is another level – more about that trip later. How does it work, you may rightly ask??

Well, let me share some thoughts about what does it mean to live the dream, what are from my experience upsides and pitfalls, how it feels to leave a corporate life after 20+ years. Also, how to identify what actually is your dream, why involving your family is important, how to make a plan and allow for any transition to be as smooth as reasonably possible.

Yes, living your dream is possible, nevertheless from my view it asks for a lot of self-inquiry and a little bit of planning. What helps too – not to be attached to too many things in your life, the point that I find really important and covering in the second half of the video.

Enjoy watching and let me know what is your dream and how do you like to make it happen.

Key points of the video are:

  • How to identify what is really your dream
  • Should you plan for change or just leap?
  • Where is family in all these great plans
  • Too many attachments may be limiting your options

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