Fast forward towards 2020!

Another year coming to its end, time to recap, time to relax, time to celebrate and perhaps time to read. For me 2019 was again full of excitement, learning, business building and adventure journeys. I am very happy how 2019 turned out for me! Including a couple of successful dirt bike trips.

Fast forward towards 2020!

We people sometimes tend to keep waiting and wishing for things to come and thinking “if only this would happen, then I will be happy, e.g. if I get this job, then I will be happy or when we finish building our new house, then we will be happy or if I buy this expensive watch, then I will be (really) happy”. Well, it does not work, does it? Because there is always another, new ‘objective’.

I am convinced more and more that secret of life is to enjoy what we have, celebrate every little success and face challenges however don’t get too distracted by them. How to do it? Let’s contemplate during upcoming holidays, how to make 2020 even more present, more joyful, more full of different experiences that make us stronger (and sometime wiser).

Our family decided already while ago to skip the usual shopping frenzy before Christmas and we give each other perhaps a couple of books if that. Let me wish you very Merry Christmas and as a gift (not that you would expect one from me, I know) here are the top 5 most read posts, articles, videos from 2019. Take some time off, read, watch, learn, enjoy.

Most watched or read articles on in 2019:

1. The Ant and The Lion – a story from the ‘corporate life’ 😉

2. Tired Eyes? 5-Minutes Daily Sharp Eyes Gymnastics

3. How to get body flexibility with stretching exercises

4. Mongolia: from yurts to shopping malls (and back)

5. 10 lessons how to survive corporate life

Learn, Enjoy, Live. Have a beautiful Christmas break.


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