Healthy sitting guide & quick office stretching

Sitting a lot? Sitting healthy? We people sit way too much these days and hence is very important for our overall health (namely spine and wrists) to sit properly.

After posting about proper sitting position on my blog while ago, some of you asked me to shoot a video and show in practice. Here we go!

In this video, you can see my beautiful wife (much better than me ;)) demonstrating key points for healthy sitting and some simple office stretching – what you could do to survive your day in the office. Enjoy watching!

If you are interested in learning more details about how to sit properly, here is one of the earlier posts including a poster from the Washington Post article.

Key points are:

  • Healthy sitting position
  • Proper angles in key body parts
  • Height of the screen
  • Stretching that could be done behind your desk
  • Improve your core strength and body flexibility with regular exercise, e.g. learn the ExFitt Fitness Sequence

What are your challenges after sitting for a prolong period of time? How do you address? Share in comments or send me an email – I am always keen to hear back from you.

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