7 steps of healthy morning routine

Are your days busy, sometimes even superbusy? How do you start your day – in another words ‘what is your morning routine’? Morning routine is very important in our lives because if we can start our day in the right way, we can tackle any challenges that come later. If our morning is rushed and chaotic – whole day is usually like that. On the other hand, if we find some time for ourselves in the morning (can be 10 or 60 minutes, depending on your ‘busyness’ ;)) our day can be much more relaxed and enjoyable. Many successful people have some kind of morning ritual.

Here are 7 ideas for possible steps of a morning routine. Have a look, enjoy watching and let me know your thoughts, how does your morning usually look like?

Key topics are:

  • Morning has power to set the tone for the whole day
  • Importance of a regular morning routine for our well-being
  • 7 steps of healthy morning routine for your inspiration

Have a great morning!

PS: An interesting article about daily routine and decision making fatigue can be found here by Dr. Claudia Welch.


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  1. Brian Stobo

    Hey Dan

    How about some exercises on hip stretching? It’s important for the whole body and the foundation for a strong core!


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