Morning Stretching Exercises Anyone?

Have you ever seen your cat or dog waking up? What is the first thing they do? Yes, that’s right: stretching exercises. They stretch their muscles so that everything is prepared for action, to keep their bodies flexible. Whether the action is jumping on the sofa, into your face or catching one of their terribly important toys. They look so lithe and healthy, full of energy (until they snooze again…).

What about you? Have you ever tried stretching in the morning, right after washing your face and brushing your teeth? I stretch every day for the last don’t-even-remember-how-many-years. It’s great. Stretching does not mean 30-minute workout, of course! 5-10 minutes to go through the whole body, stretch every important muscle group, breath properly. The benefits are amazing. Body gets ready for daily action, mind becomes alert, whole system gains energy for whatever comes next. You don’t have to be a top athlete to experience these goodies, it works for everyone. There are even days, when I don’t have time for any other sport or exercise. Guess what – I don’t feel guilty at all because I already did something for my body, something healthy and energizing.

It just so happens…;) there is a simple, yet effective stretching exercises routine in my ExFitt fitness program. Let me share it with you here:

Try for yourself, easy to follow, no equipment, you can exercise in your bedroom, hotel room, outside on the terrace or in the garden, anywhere you are. If you don’t have time in the morning (come on, anyone finds 10 mins!), still no worries. You can start your day in the office by a quick stretch. In order to get all the benefits, we have to stretch regularly, every day. Trust me, if you keep stretching every morning for 7 days, you will keep stretching forever. Highly addictive!

Enjoy your stretching & have a great day.

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