Losing Weight?

After discussing top 3 key elements of a good fitness plan in a previous video, let me share with you a couple of important ideas on what to pay attention to when you decide to lose weight. There are some common myths out there that should be uncovered. A hint: exercise could help but the key is nutrition. No exercise or sport will help if people eat like they’ve been eating before. Enjoy watching and let me know your story, what are you doing to lose weight?

Key topics are:
– role of nutrition vs. exercise
– a myth about heart rate and fat burning zone
– two books about nutrition that I found inspiring: ‘Clean’ – great way how to clean your system and restore your health for busy people & ‘Dr. Gundry Diet Evolution’ – introducing a concept of ‘killer genes’ and how to outsmart them.

You can read more research about so-called after-burn effect, properly called EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) here.


  1. Lee

    it is really a must for everyone to have physical activities and to get moving in order to shed those excess pounds away. Sleep, eating the right food and having a healthy lifestyle also are the significant factors

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